" Process Atom 1.0 with XSLT"

"Process Atom 1.0 with XSLT"

Learn XSLT techniques for processing Atom documents. In this tutorial, author Uche Ogbuji shows how with real-world use cases. (free registration required)

Atom 1.0 is [the] Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard for Web feeds -- information updates on Web site contents. Since Atom is an XML format, XSLT is a powerful tool for processing it. In this tutorial, Uche Ogbuji looks at XSLT techniques for processing Atom documents, addressing real-life use cases.

This tutorial shows you how to:

  • Navigate the basic structure of Atom 1.0 documents using XPath expressions
  • Use these expressions to drive XSLT transformations of Atom source files
  • Deal with the complications of text and markup embedded in Atom files You will also learn how to use XSLT templates to generate valid Atom files, and how to check the validity of the results.

A companion piece to my recent XML.com article "Handling Atom Text and Content Constructs", this is a task-driven tutorial, taking a more deliberate pace and focusing on XSLT.

developerWorks has had a lot to say about Atom lately, courtesy James Snell (who is also writing a lot of useful Atom extension drafts).

I guess how do you celebrate Atom's promotion to RFC 4287? Why by cooking up even more reading material.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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