ABTI-American University of Nigeria (AAUN) in Yola, eh?

So I'm compelled to add a preface t this post: I am in no way associated with AAUN, and I suspect that writing in the comments section of this post is not the best way to contact that University.

via Emeka Okafor I discovered this brand new University. It's a very interesting development for several personal reasons. First of all, my father started our family's history of study in US-style universities when he left just after the Biafran war to pursue Materials Engineering at the American University in Cairo (after the Biafran war made it impossible for him to take up a full-ride scholarship he'd earned at the University of California. He subsequently went to get his Ph.D. at Case Western University, Cleveland). He told me that he had been a fan of the VOA, and so he applied for American scholarships. When he missed the time window for UC, he took the next available scholarship, for the nearest US-Style University, which happened to be in Cairo.

Nigerian Universities have been traditionally British-style, which I personally prefer, with my limited experience of having attended one American-style and one British-style University.

The AAUN front page says:

AAUN is the first American-style University in sub-Saharan Africa. Our mission is to offer a world-class, American style education to students who do not wish to spend four years studying in the United States.

Well and good, but the "about" page says:

AAUN is intended to be the first world-class university in West Africa and will be one of the premier universities on the continent.

What the fuck? How dare they? Ask the employers of the countless products of West African universities pursuing professions across the globe whether their employees' Universities were not world class. West African has a very impressive history of Universities, and in their great ages, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN, which I attended) and University of Ibadan, just to mention two examples in Nigeria, were undoubtedly world class. Yes, many of these institutions have fallen on hard times, but the AAUN claim seems to ignore even their past achievements. It seems the colonial attitude is still alive and well.

One thing I will say is that universities such as UNN are more traditional Universities, rather than vocational in nature. I think this is usually a good thing, but in the present circumstances throughout much of West African, it makes sense to focus on vocational education, as AAUN does. We need to grow our professional class as quickly as possible. There might be a little shortfall in available opportunities for such training, but if we can keep our markets working properly, economic forces will find efficient use for them in time, as it did in India, for example. Worst case it will just increase the brain drain, but contrary to many others, I think that brain drain from West Africa is not an obviously egregious problem (or at least that it's not obviously worse than low educational attainment of natives).

Another reason for my interest in this announcement is that I lived in Yola, Nigeria for a couple of years growing up. My father lectured at the Federal University of Technology, Yola for a while in the mid-80s. Yola is, I think, an odd location for the first of any kind of University. It's a fairly remote and sleepy town in the unfashionable North East of the country. In any case, all the best to AAUN, and to those applying to study in the charter Spring 2006 term. I like the high-tech accoutrements that will apparently be standard on campus.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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I think you may have been a little too hard on the "about" statement.  Historically, the universities you mentioned were world class.  But they stopped being world class a while back.  They still have world class professors and producing world class students, they are just producing them after 10 years of study.  World-class institutions need to be reinstituted.  http://odili.net/news/source/2005/nov/15/48.html

There statement that they are the first is also quite interesting as their have been quite a few universities affiliated with universities here in the US for the longest time.  Maybe they mean to say, the first "recognized" by NUC.

They said they are the first world-class University in WA, which to my reading means that there have been no other world-class Universities in WA before AAUN.  As you say, there have indeed been others, even if those others are now in disrepair.

Thanks for that Nigerian Guardian link.  If AAUN can find its way into such a ranking, more power to them, for sure.
nigerian universities suck. The truth lecturers are now pimps who pass students by fucking them. why don't you all accept the truth about your country? You talk about hard times ? HOW ABOUT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TAKING BILLIONS OUTSIDE YOUR COUNTRY AND SPENDING IT ON WHORES WHILE YOUR UNIVERISTIES CAN'T BUY COMMON COMPUTERS?
No corrupt politicians on this Weblog, James, but I can understand your need to vent.  Perhaps you're one of those stuck in an ostensibly 5 year program that stretches to near a decade because of disruptions in term?  If so, you have my condolences.  I seem to have left just before things went completely to pot.  The worst problem my last year at Nsukka was the Pyrates and Bucchaneers cult phenomenon.
I am the president of AAUN, and this conversation was forwarded to me.  I have enjoyed seeing the comments about AAUN. 

I do want to say that I believe that Mr. Ikonne has made a good point.  There is a rich tradition of education in Nigeria and West Africa, and the statement on our web site fails to recognize that.  In my opinion, this paragraph is misleading, and I have asked our webmaster to remove it.  It should be replaced by new text within a few days.  My thanks for pointing out the error.  David Huwiler, President, AAUN.
Umm.  Wow.  I really do appreciate your taking the time to write, sir.  I appreciate even more that you are addressing the ststement that I found rather offensive (even if at least one reader thought that I was being too harsh).

Since I perhaps have an opportunity to address you personally, let me say that I think you really are doing a great mitzvah.  We need more centers of educational excellence, and your investment in education of Nigerians will surely bring significant reward.  I know how very difficult must be the circumstances under which you and your staff labor.  I watched my father deal with a lot of difficulties when helping to launch, or just lecture in Nigerian Universities, and things were a lot better back then.  I wish you the perseverence to deal with the inevitable problems and come to the deserved triumphs.  I hope that my Web log entry brings some small amount of additional attention to your efforts.
Thank you for the kind words and the good wishes, Uche.  We have a rather large group of Americans here, and while life in Yola is a little different than Boston, all of us are enjoying this and are very happy to be here.  It is not often that one gets the opportunity to be part of a project that will make a difference in the lives of so many people. We have also been overwhelmed by the hospitality and friendship of local people, and most of us hope to live and work here for many years.
I am a student of AAUN and i really find what Mr Uche says very facinating. Of course, Nigeria has some well known universities BUT none of them can be compared to AAUN.Although the school just began this fall, it has had tremendous effects on the students as well as the indegiens of Yola.I agree with what President Huwiler said concerning the fact that our website failed to recognized the tradition of education in Nigeria. But being a Nigerian and knowing what goes on their universities, I pledge all inquisitive mind to come and have a look at the school and I bet their views of this university will change.

I've also heard some of the horror stories regarding Nigerian Universities within the last decade, and I'm glad to hear that AAUN is rising above all that.  I hope it serves as a model to help get other Unis back on track.

I was mistaken in thinking the first term was to be Spring 2006.  I hope this fall term is going well for you and your fellow students.  Best of luck.
Who cares whether American style or British? The style doesn't matter, what does matter is their ability to deliver the goods. If the British style fails to transform and impact the life of Nigerians, while stick to it, wouldn't it be wiser to try something different?

Shame, shame and shame to the British-styled univeristies. Where is the famous University of Ibadan; University of Benin; you name them... (they should first get their Websites/Homepages in order). I'm ashamed to say I am a Nigerian. One man, David Huwiler is teaching thousands(if not tens of thousands) of Professors and Doctorate degree holders how to do it, after someone like me, an African university drop-out(a Sophomore student in and unknown university in Africa), amongst American, New Zealander, Korean and Canadian teachers, two of them with Doctorate degrees(one from Southern Methodist University, which is even more prestigous than David Huwiler's University of California), emerged as the Best teacher in an English, Language Mission School here in South Korea.

I want to complete my College degree, but don't even know where to go. Can anyone who thinks well help me out?

Look, I don't care whatever he(David Huwiler) said about Nigerian universities, as far as he's delivering the goods. He's put you all(Nigerian academicians) down; he's proven to you all you're nothing. Not any one of you can prove him wrong, who dare you? Because you're all confused with your out-dated, barbaric system.

Get up Nigerians! Take off your STATIC nature and be DYNAMIC.
The idea of an American-styled university is a welcomed one in Nigeria,bear bearing in mind the fact that we are begining to get bored of the British-styled eduction.Though the problem of the educational system may not be completely loaded on the British system,since it has consistently worked well for them.In my opinion,I think we have not managed very well the once great educational system bequeated to us by our then colonial masters.

  Anyway,the above issue is beter left as a topic for another day.My aim of writing thi note is to find out about the PATHOLOGY or HISTOPATHOLOGY Department of the university. I am a graduate of histopathology (BMLS)from the Ambrose Alli University,Ekpoma and I wish to seek for employment opportunity at the univerity as well as for the furtherance of my education there.I would be glad if details of information i require could be sent me thru my E-mail address as provided.Thanks

I'd say your best chance of getting an authoritative answer to that question is to contact AAUN directly.  See:


Best of luck.
i think so far i africaabti is the best school i have heard of.can you pleace send the information on getting the scholarship to the school.i hope what i heard is true because i cant wait to be in the school.thank you very much..
plz i will like to know about the university and when they are starting for 2006 admission so i can start with u for 2006
I would suggest that we not ignore the area of handouts in our various Nigerian unviersities, in place of textbooks when discussing about world class universities. I agree it comes up under the the fallen standard in recent years. But I am of the opinion that AAUN is currently the only world class university in West Africa. There were once world class universities, but infrastructural decay swallowed their pride of world class. Not unitl they rise, they would remain "previous world class Universities."  I am a student of the Abti-American University of Nigeria (AAUN) and it is a school where there is nothing called handouts. A student, with his laptop has access to the powerpoint lecture notes which can be downloaded from the schools network. For the five weeks lecture period, you have a textbook for each course which demands that a student study every chapter of the textbook. There is always assignment after every class and there is a regular attendance taken after every class. There are four tests in a semester. The first test which comes up after four weeks, then there is a mid-term exam (after the 7th week)while the 2nd test comes up after the 11th week. The final exam comes up at the 15th week. It is really a world class university. And with few students in class (maximum of 18) and round table sitting position in class, there is a better and effective tutoring of a subject. The American style is a system where every one participate in class discussion because most times, the professors would ask each students (since he knows all of them by name) of what he/she thinks of a subject understudy. In most courses, when you miss a class on the third time, you get an grade of 'F' on the course. I like the system because it teaches us to be ethical in all our ways. When you pliagiarise for example, you get an 'F'.

My intent was not to dispute that the once world-class institutions had fallen into disrepair.  "Former world-class universities" sounds fair to me. My point was that the original wording made it seem as if there had never even been any such at all, which is rather offensive to those who did attend those institutions in their hey-dey.

I do congratulate AAUN, and the enthusiasm of her students.  I must say, though:

1) That there are good, engaging teachers, and bad, distant teachers in any school, regardless of style

2) That not all universities in America have small class sizes, and not all in the U.K. have huge class sizes.  There are cozy and cavernous schools regardless of style.

3) That I might have to admit that I was never the most enthusiastic student (from an institution point of view), and that your description of the sanctions for poor attendance would have seen me off AAUN in a heart beat.  Yet I graduated, with honors, from a University in America with probably no better than 60% overall class attendance.

So it just goes to show that in most of the criteria you highlight, you pretty much have to judge AAUN as an individual institution, rather than as the exemplar of American style universities.

I have said the WiFi throughout campus is an excellent, modern touch.
Ya ABTI (AAUN) is really a nice school as attested by so many that have had an opportunity of getting there.

I want to know how toapply for the scholarship and how it work.

But to say the fact Yola is not the best location for such a wonder school of higher learning.  Though the vanguard of the school what to bring it closer to the root but achieving the objective might be marred as a result of what people outside and within the country attribute to the North. 

So avid effort should be made to erase people's perception of the north.
For those who say Yola is not the best location for the University because of backwardness; I bet you will not be able to buy a lot of land or rent cheap in the environ today as against last year value. By the time the University comes to a full circle, those who knows Yola of yesterday will be saying they lack foresight. For now, those with money can still take advantage of the new development brought forward by siting the University in Yola.
From the website of AAUN reads "ABTI-American University of Nigeria is offering a limited number of scholarships to students who graduated in the top ten of their class in secondary school. Scholarships will range in amounts up to $3000 (405,000 Naira). Students also receive a free laptop valued at $1500 (202,500 Naira)." It was added that there are also full tuition scholarship which are reserved for indigines of Yola. I am of the opinion that there should be a kind of interview (written exam) to give some best applicants (non-indigines) an opportunity for a full scholarship. This is because there are very many intelligent students who cannot afford the high cost of AAUN education even the half tuition, and would really like to have the university education. I recognise that the tuition fee $6,000 for attending such a world class private university is cheap when comparing it to the United States, but the case it not true when comparing it to Nigeria economy.

  I would like to hear from the President of the university, Dr David Huwiler, concerning this. I would like to know if there are plans underway for this kind of scholarship opportunity (full tuition to non-indigines).

tell me how rural areas would ever develop. The term urbanisation can only materialise when a  huge investment such as a University is made in rural areas. The Harvard, Yale, MIT and other great universities in the world were established in rural areas and eventually brought in development to such communities. I surport what Remi Bailey says: "by the time the University comes to a full circle, those who knows Yola of yesterday will be saying they lack foresight." So, situating AAUN in a place like Yola is not a mistake. The dean of the business school of AAUN, Dr Ahmad Hosseni would always, "we are here to develop this community. It is one way we can help Africa." I must commed the founder of the school for making such investement.

  We have all been quest for a world class university that can compete favourably with others in other parts of the world and the birth of AAUN is one I think can do that. It is really building and touching lives for a better mastery of the challenges of the African future.
I've really enjoyed reading all the various comments about AAUN. Beign a student of this school, I think it is rather unfair for people to make negative comments on the school for no just reason. Whether we Nigerians like or not, Abti American is one of the best things that has happened to Nigeria in the last decade. Even calling it 'First World Class' is not out of point because AAUN is the first university around to meet todays definition of 'World Class'. Providing us with every single thing, material and non-material that we can get in the best schools on the planet, I believe the founders deserve an applause.

Long live Abti American.

-Segun Odeyemi

Vice-President, Interim Student Government

As a student of ABTI-American University,I'll say it is a place that will have a lot of sucess stories to record(I'm not being sentimental). i  attended a Nigerian university(University of Calabar) before I came to AAUN. i must confess that what I have achievd in AAUN in 7 months, I couldn't get in Unicalin one year.I am not saying AAUN is the best of it all(I don't even know the criteria for being the "best").I am saying they have what it takes to bring the purpose of tertiary education back to life. They possess what most Nigerian institutes lack- good learning aids.
As an opportuned student of the Abti-American University of Nigeria, Yola (AAUN), i would like to comend the effort of whoever brought up the idea of an American-styled University right here in Nigeria. First and foremost,  what i learnt during my stay here in the my first semester (fall 2005), is much more than what i gained in my first semester where i once was- the Univesity of Jos (which will always be meritious). The only reason i left of which was the  compactment of students in a lecture room. 

  However in AAUN, a maximum of eighteen students is found in a class. Is that not laudable? I will as much state that the Nigerian Universities that view the coming of AAUN as a 'threat' [opps.. pardon me] should instead see it as a challenge and "buckle-up". I dont' wish to adore AAUN but my point is that it is a place for what i regard as 'effective learning'. It gives room for proper elucidation in a class room. which is what most (if not all) Universities aim for. If 'our' Universities would capitulate to the fact that AAUN offers a good (if not the best) environment for learning here in Nigeria and try to see to it that they also raise their standards, then will all the Universities not be upgraded? AAUN is really a great place to learn and i intentionally did not mention anything about their fees because of course "all fingers are not equal".

Luke Dalu.

AAUN, Nigeria.
There is a lot good to say aout AAUN; hence I maintain my own blog (as a studen) about AAUN. Visit http://aaun.blogspot.com
Abti American University are the types of school Nigeria needs to move forword. Such a qulitative education means employing less proffessionals from outside the country in the name of getting experts to execute some highly technical jobs in this counry. WE CAN GET SUCH PROFFESSIONALS IN ABTI.And that means improving our ECONOMIC and SOCIAL STATUS. I am planning to run my masters degree in abti by God's grace. For now i'm a graduate of electrical and electronics engineering from university of maiduguri. And currently, i'm running my CCNA and A+ certification courses at the informatics institute in kazaure, Jigawa state. Another excellent institution. I'm just out to get the best and of course abti is the best for now in this country. I wish everybody will be educated about this. If it happens that you are reading this article, just do your self a great deal of favour to go an extra mile of finding out more about the school. I'm sure it will make a grate difference in your life. Dont be discouraged about the fees. Just find out and any how things will take care of themselves. Just trust God for that. Rememeber poverty is not the state of your pocket, but the state of your mind.
Not many people would know the great advantages of having a school such as Abti-American University of Nigeria, here in Nigeria. Not many people would recognise the changes that the school is bringing into Nigeria. Let me reiterate Duke's comment: "The style does not matter, What matters is their ability to deliver the goods". 

  With my experience so far, they are delivering the goods. Not only in theory, but in practical. A course like Entrapreneurship is an example which is a requirement for all students. In first semester, a student does the theory of such a course (SBE 101) and in the second semester, he does the practical (SBE 102). A seed money of $5,000 is given to group of students (30) to start and run their business in four months (one semester). This is something that is unique. Students then sees the reality of life in the business world with such an exposure. Never has this been recorded in any university in the world. It is something entirely unique!

Omorogbe Omorogiuwa


School of Info Tech

kudos to abti, i say this because i had a breathtaking experience on campus during my visit, i am a great JOSITE

Another  citadel of learning has just evolved in  Nigeria i just hope that the students in abti know how lucky they are to have such infrastructures that is not inimical to learning,and make good use of it.

Education should have an unlimited tentacle in Nigeria, more need's to be done to actualise this dream for the average Nigerian this is what our government need do,i hope abti and the rest of the university(s) in our country offers this to her citizens instead of thinking of how to inflict hostilities caused by political and religious dichotomy.
i like AAUN it the school is the best school in all over NIGERIA.i luv it so much.i like because is my friend's father's school.atiku abubakar.

from ammy's friend

It is d best school in nigeria and one day i would surely attend it Big Up to all my crew in abti jare all haters go find ya own lol
I stumbled on this blog thread and the AAUN website while doing a google search of my dear alma mata, the real Univeristy of Nigeria.

I read all the interesting comments by everyone and I am pleasantly surprised that the AAUN president is on top of web postings about his univeristy. Good work guys.

I should state that a lot of the individuals posting comments on the merits or demerits of the British versus American educational system do not even know the fundamental differences. It's great for AAUN to market itself as an American style university but it must be sure to explain to prospective students what this means exactly. An American style university is not implicitly superior to a British style system. It is perhaps more student friendly with less structure that allows the student to choose their course work. The downside is that a lot of students end up taking courses in the first few years without sometimes a general direction of what their future career might be. Secondly, it is important to emphasize to all prospective students that going to an American style University does not equate " American trained" and does not confer any special benefits in the USA. I stand to be corrected on this.

Thirdly, though AAUN brands itself as a world class university, it has no basis to make this claim. It has yet to graduate any student and it has not had the opportunity to showcase any research accomplishments. I had the opportunity to review the c.v. of all the staff and I must say that most of them are all individuals of modest academic accomplishments from mostly second class colleges and universities here in the USA with the exception of a few. I am not saying this as insult but am just stating the facts. World class university does not come from having laptops in classrooms nor high speed internet connections. While these are welcome technological infrastructure needed by our Nigerian schools, the actual determination of an institutional educational status rests on the accomplishments of it's graduates and the cutting edge research papers that come from it's faculty. There is ample opportunity to do research in West Africa.

Finally, the fees are steep for the average student in Nigeria but ofcourse the cost of running such a school will aslo be quite high.

I am a proud graduate of University of Nigeria. My British style medical education has served me very well in the American medical system. The end results are very close no matter the methods. Moreover, my post graduate medical education in the US is unsurpassed. Bottom line, be it American or British, it is the individual that determines how much their education benefits them and the society as a whole.

The older universities in Nigeria may be on hard times but it is not a cause for such vigorous castigations.  Every one is culpable including the students (cultism, radicalism), faculty/ staff ( lack of dedication, corruption), alumni ( lack of support for their alma mater)and the government (unchecked corruption and lack of funding for schools). One big similarity between the US and Nigeria is that people blame the other persons for their failings or mishaps. In Nigeria, everyone blames the government.... who does the government blame?

Uche, I am surprised at your obscene language.
Dr. Nwaukwa,

I appreciate your chiming in, and I agree with the substance of your points.  I was satisfied when Dr. Huwiler agreed that the language I objected to was needless, and promised to have it changed.  I was more interested in defending, say, UNN in its prime than in putting down AAUN.  But you're right that the University's class will manifest itself in the achievements of its graduated students, and in its research and other civic contributions.  We shall see how AAUN measures up over time, but I do honestly hope they measure up very well, because regardless of any other consideration, Nigeria badly needs world-class Universities right now.

I did also want to address my language.  I respect your disapproval, but I really cannot promise not to use salty language here on Copia.  Firstly, I don't think using the f-word as a particle is at all obscene (as opposed to using it as a noun or verb in its most literal sense).  And hey-ho, the FCC agrees with me based on its ruling with regard to Sony Bono at the grammies (sorry, please permit me a touch of humor).

More importantly, I'm a lover of language, all of it, including the rude bits.  I'll flatter myself to say that my command of English is such that I'd never need to use a vulgar word or expression if I chose not to, but that my embrace of the language is such that I do not mind doing so.  I think I can stand by the overall writing on my blog and other of my publications proudly enough to survive underestimation based on my more colorful moments.

Finally, you might have a tacit point that such conduct is unbecoming a former student of the great UNN.  To that I'd have to say that I hung out in a bit of a rough crowd back then, and I usually lead the rough crowd today.  I've never been a prude, and I suspect the UNN wouldn't want me as an example of mild mannered conduct.  Despite that, I've had a wonderful, fruitful academic, social, intellectual and professional life, and I credit an extraordinary portion of those achievements to my years at UNN.

Be well.
Dear Sir, Madam

i will like to be a great student  of this honoble institution so with all due respect i ask for the prospectose and i wish my appliance will be granted.

  Yours sincerely

  Agwuncha John
Dear Mr John Chinedu,

You did not provide your postal address. Through what means would you like to receive it?
Hello, you have seen my name above, i will like to study in this university, but i have been having problem with my jamb result, please what can i do.
C. Nwaukwa  MD, Cardiologist, Chicago, IL, wrote:

"Thirdly, though AAUN brands itself as a world class university, it has no basis to make this claim. It has yet to graduate any student and it has not had the opportunity to showcase any research accomplishments."

I am sorry to correct you but it seems to me that you ignore the basics about American-style education.

1.First of all there are universities which emphasize research and others which emphasize teaching. The last ones are four-year colleges and universities and two-year colleges. In those institutions, faculty is mainly evaluated through teaching activities although everyone can also carry out research. But, in most cases this is very difficult because of the teaching load which is more important than in research universities.

2. Although the world-renown American universities (Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, etc.) are research universities, the role played by teaching-oriented universities is widely appreciated.

3. ABTI-American University is a four-year university in its beginnings and i am sure its staff and faculty efforts will mainly be focused on teaching although there will be some room for research activities. But don't forget that this is nmot a university (at least for the moment) where you go for a masters or a Phd.

4. You wrote: "I had the opportunity to review the c.v. of all the staff and I must say that most of them are all individuals of modest academic accomplishments..."

You definitely ignore the American mentality. American universities' staff are not expected to be necesserally persons of high academic caliber. Their role is to manage the university, not to do some research evaluated by their peers. It does not matter they are professors of universities themselves or not. It is another type of competency which is required from them: integrety, innovation, very good management skills, communication and interacting in a diverse environment, etc.

Very recently an army pilot was hired as president of one of the biggest and most respected American universities. He got the job while competing with highly-respected professors.

Sorry for my English. I am a French scholar living in the USA.
I'm an American with significant international teaching experience and am considering making an application to become a member of the faculty at the American University of Nigeria?

Tell me about life in Yola...

Sincerely yours,


I'm not sure I know why you make the research/teaching distinction the way you do.  Academic background is important in both.  That having been said, I don't think that a "modest" CV means the bearer would be a mediocre teacher or researcher.  I think we can all agree it's a matter of waiting to see the accomplishments of AAUN, while of course wishing the best for them.

I do want to mention that I've seen the phenomenon of people from outlandish backgrounds taking over US Universities, and that though it can sometimes bring a breath of fresh air, the results are often quite bad for academic excellence.

I'll kick off the responses to your question, but I'll start by admitting that I haven't lived in Yola for some 20 years.  I'm sure a lot has changed.  My memory of life in Yola was that the campus was somewhat lively (the FUT Yola campus, that is), but that outside campus it was all very sleepy.  That, of course can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective.
Uche wrote: "That having been said, I don't think that a "modest" CV means the bearer would be a mediocre teacher or researcher."

That is exactly what I meant. I see nothing wrong with the AAUN's faculty's background. Most of them are quite young and very promising in view of what they already did.

I find the staff very good and even excellent for the job they have to do. I am sure that if everything goes well, AAUN will prove to be a regional center of excellence.
John: "I'm an American with significant international teaching experience and am considering making an application to become a member of the faculty at the American University of Nigeria? Tell me about life in Yola..."

John, from what I have been told, Yola is "quiet" but just fine. The only thing I can tell you is that you will not regret living in Africa. People are wonderful. Don't be mislead by what you hear people say about Nigeria. It is just another place on earth: not better, nor worse, especially in a small town like Yola.
Actually, I got to heard about this Educational Development (Unievresity) And I think its a very good thing happenign in our society, having interest in it but eager to know the application process and the prerequisites.
As a student of AAUN here is my blog on my AAUN life experience.
abti is quickly catching up with nigerian university wo, especially in the cultism and gang banging category. last weekend, a group of 4 girls attacked a fellow roomate in her sleep, wrapped her duvet arond her head and beat the crap out of her. when the dean of student was contacted, he said, in a very drawly accent, the bush kinda ignorance, "this is a private matter, its against the skool policy to discuss such issue", the victim spent a couple of nite in the hospital and where r the culprits? enjoying the kinda immunity $10,000.00 buys u in nigeria. and the victim? she just got the shit end of the stick.
the university is simply not realistic about the claim-american styled university. it is in nigeria where the nigerian culture and styles will naturally be inherited. i don't believe there will be anything new in your university. goodluck.
Hey All .... tis been really interesting reading thru all the brilliant comments and debates. I'm not a blog freak but i'll want to respond to the cultism issue. I am a student of AAUN and i joined them this Spring 2006. I heard of the news in school and i was equally shocked especially with the initial reaction of the school. But believe me, twas quite a personal and classified issue but the school came up with good judgements. The girls who beat up their roommate have all been suspended for one semester. Do you know what that means for their graduation? I think that punishment is fair enough and will serve as a deterrant to anyone that tries to act insane in the school. I saw the girl that was beaten up during our examination week, shez perfectly okkkkk .. i didnt see any bruises. We really dont need such rash and insane students ... please if your like that, DO NOT ENROL IN AAUN.

Thanks err1 ... and i cant wait to get back to school this fall 2006. We're moving to the new permanent campus and the deans have assured us tis more academic work than we've ever seen .. so get ready AAUN pals....

As for mike john, (dont mean to be insultive) i think your pessimism won't get you nowhere ... you should try and see things in good light especially after critical looks and second thoughts. This country is changing !
It doesnt matter the university you go to, what matters is studying diligently.My father went to a government university and he has made it to the top and I intend to follow his foot steps.Regarding the cult issue,we have to check our consciences and we have to resolve to utilize our time constructively.
so far as ve heard abti american university is a good school but its way too expensive am a student too of another sister privete university but ve reviewed the fees and its way too much trhus giving only the extyremely rich to gothere which is not fair for those who also want quality education anyways i hope that the school would not breed cultist as it s one of the most vulnerable schools to the menance wish the admini9stration the best
how do i get admission through scholarship in the abti-american university yola

I want to know about ABTI American Universsity Nigeria, because i want to also apply for the school.I would love to be part part of the school. So please send the information to me as soon as possible. And please also send it to kemys27@yahoo.com
i am rily curious 2 no more about dis abti american university of nigeria, i hav rily being lukin 4 dis kind of university, i want 2 apply here so i need u 2 pls send me information on how 2get admitted into d skul, also 2 no wen d forms wuld b ready n how i can sit 4 d exam since am in lagos.
I am very intersting in your university,Iwould like to carry on my studies there.Please send me any required application forms.
We are not preaching to the public about ABTI-American University of Nigeria, Yola; our main objective is that you should consider the standard quality training in education your ward's or yourself would received here. Our students here are receiving an American like style system of education in a decent environment like AAUN. Despite profuse complains about the tuition fees, let me assured you that, you will never be disappointed while studying at the AAUN. Please have your tour to the University campus to take a look at the environment and many wonders on ground; there you will take your final decision as whether to study here or not.

I also wish to advise every one out there not to bridged AAUN with the political issues going on in our country so that parents would not miss the opportunity of sending their children to this noble institution. Please do consider this as an academic pursuit advertisement and quickly apply to be enrolled this Fall Semester 2006 in September.

Tanx to every one of you all.
I want my daughter to apply for this very good school.But before then please I want you  to respond to my request, Please send me the information on how to apply for this school through my email, which is almansurma@yahoo.com

Please help me send the ways to apply for this school and the way to pay the expenses.

  Thank you for your coperation
AAUN is a pride to many, but woes to others. Anyway , The fact that it has given its host community a phase shift remains undisputable. But the public relations unit of the AAUN has not done its job!
I want to apply for this school, please I want to know about the payments and how to get the admision into this school. Please Im more interested in the line of medicine and the payments and also the methods of payments. Please I alos want to know about the sponsorship method for my other friends. Please i would like to know the next time that the forms will be available and where they will be available. Please send any information through my yahoo email.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Umaima, it seems you are not ready to go to the University if at this time you are posting how to get admission. One will think you will consult the University site for that information. Go to the site and get the information yourself.
The admission link for the school is giving below:

i like to enquire on admission process and the fees
please how much is the fees at abti american university.
i tried my best to read as many comments pasted as i could muster and could not but wear my wry smile again. Why? We have the unending culture of killing insects with the largest arsenals! Yeah, Making mountains of mole-hills! I guess that's more English.

But we sincerely have to start believing in us being the greatest problem of Nigeria and not the system. Has the British system any worsen the standards in Britain, South Africa or Ghana?

Tell me something else!

  pls , i want to know about the admission process in the institution. is it thru jamb or entrance exam ? if yes how can i get the entrance form. and give me due detains of the admission and their fees.

I am glad to know that an American style university system is here in our country. This is not about British system or the American System. It’s about the staff that actually runs the system to make it work. In Ghana the British system works, and do you know why, because the staffs are all dedicated and enjoy what they are doing against some of us here in Nigeria.

So with ABTI in Nigeria I applaud the presence here for a change in the Nigerian educational goals and I hope they maintain the same dedication of staffs like I experienced in my school in Philadelphia.

End of my soap dish.

i have the intrest crossing to your school as economic student.i had been sitting for JAMB for long but this time arround i have 172 for my aggregate while the school i choose have not instreting about the scored while iwhat going to school.Pls. help and enlight.THANKS
wld luv 2 join u guys dis academic session but uve nt got ma course. am in 4 law.am rilly sad.4m delta state.
I am averse to comments by critics towards the progress of Abti American University. AAUN is a remedy for change in our present society, bringing about the mode of education most elite Nigerians have yearned for. As a student of AAUN I have learned a lot and hope to learn more in the years to come. The average Nigerian university is bottled up with chaos and corruption, and as it seems there has been no solution to such consistent debacle.
i want to find out if ABTI is offering scholarship for 2006/2007 in nigeria.
ABTI American University, Yola is my dream school for postgraduate and to be part of the academic staff towards knowledge contribution in the soceity.

ABTI American University, Yola is the beginning of a new dawn in Nigeria's tertiary education.

Future leaders,go for ABTI.

ABTI American University,A PLACE TO BE.
Hi folks!

Its fun reading ur views 'bout AAUN.

But wait! Is there nythng gud dat has eva being don dat dosn't kom wit criticism.

AAUN is d best thng 2 happn 2 d univrsity systm in Nigeria in recent time.

Hw shuld it b said dat no nigerian univrsity made it 2 d list of d first 6000 univrsities in d world.

D entire systm is @ a state of decadent but 4 a few.

Kudos 2 d brains bhind AAUN.

i will like to know the system of their admission i.e the processes involved.
Hello! Just wondering if international students attend AAUN, and if so, what are the entrance requirements? Thanks!
I'd like to know your office address down here in lagos.And most importantly,i will like to know if aaun,take students that did not choose them for either the first or second chioce .Also i will like to get your website.cos i lodged into www@aaun.euv.ng,but the site did not open.i need an urgent reply.
well am kamal a current undergraduate student,i was just browsing when i got this site i will like to get more information about this school.i will be expecting feedbacks from folks out there.i mean those that have full information about this school on coolkammyuk@yahoo.co.uk or please call me on 2348029044016.

pls cud i have ur website pls
i have nothing to say but i am always praying to see my self in abti studying information technolog.
Abti american university of nigeria[AAUN]as for me is the best university so far is the whole world.
i am interested in studing in your university,i need more information.
why university of ibadan not offering admission yet,and probably is jamb result mark 180 not qualified for engineering and medcine course
AAUN is a acreditted university in Africa, please VP can make it affordable for a commonman.

I want to know about the medical line in Abti.I want to know the amount per year,and the fees if the person is going to be on campus.how much is going to be the amount of the whole stay in medical line,and how manay years does it take to finish. When will the admission start and end,pls send me the date as soon as possible.

  Thank you.
thank you for this great opportunity, but ihave a problem i could not afford to sponsor my fees for i have no guardian.i am just hoping if you can help work out my scholarship.in case you would like to help me please contact no6 plot15 lifecamp jebba niger state nigeria please i will be very happy if someone help sponsor me

  with great thanks for this opportunity.
with due respect, i have to say that it has been really interesting but funny reading most of de comments. its no body's fault AAUN is in Yola, its no one's fault if ts too expensive, afterall not all fingers r equal.

From reading the comments i hear the voices of two groups of individuals. Those that are comfortable with The school and those that see it as a nuisance. To those that are comfortable with it, AAUN is not just a place to be, it's a place to let pass through you. Hope you get a chance to see and experience AAUN for yourselves.

To my other group, its a pity, u don't like the school.

I hope you change your minds, before its too late, because, when we get into the big world after graduation, you 'll have to stand at attention for us. Alot of things would be subject to us. if i were you, i'll stop looking for faults in something that seem perfect.

Although, I am a student of the school, i am not biased, i feel you should come and see things for yourself before making comments.
The fee is outrageous for the man on the street who wants quality education for his wards!We deserve to enjoy our sweat. Don't U think so?
helo,  I want to know more about nurseing science line, through remedai program plz if it is possible, I need every details about it, as soon as possible.

  i want to enquire on admission process and fee

because, i want 2 study ABTI at 2007 session. tanx
I wada went to know if bayerouniversity has website,if yes please give it to me.
All we know is still infinitely less than all that still remains unknown.  william Harvey
AAUN is a school that brings your academy dreams to Fulfillment.There is a wild rang of learning and the student have every right to stride out  to the lecturer for any question without discomfiture. first and foremost, where is it in Nigeria University that a student will bondly walked into the lecturers office without the lecturer consent at first instant?. Here in AAUN life is just too confortuble for the student.There is no fear of cultism like most of Nigeria University where cultism are the order of the day.Also being an AAUN student, there is this fact that, not just being a student but a "world class" student. I am not saying this because am a student of the school but the fact. There is an anxiom that say "seeing is believing" there is no need to start dubting just come and see for your self. With AAUN life is beautiful.
well am not that rich but belive i will surely live to study this airspace engineering and that is what makes me trying to get it done here in Nigeria. so i realy thanks the management of this school for making it available in My country here. pls send me the procedure of amission into th reputable school but with few people clamouring to get into so that i can also be of benefit.

thanks so much.
Cynthia, it is very plain to see that you have never visited the AAUN site. Scholarships are available to everyone/anyone who wishes to attend AAUNs' family of education. Kindly visit the site 'www.abti-american.com' and fill in the application, if you're lucky perhaps you'd be admitted in Janurary! ABTI is a good learning enviroment, those of you that have claimed Yola to be wrong for development for such vast technology and education find that you're quite wrong in thinking this. Yola being a slightly remote town would ensure job opportunities for people far and wide. It's is also an area where crime is alot less than cities such as Lagos/Abuja. It's a welcoming town, the people are decent. There's space for us to test and develop new areas of expertize, whether it be in computing or in zoology. AAUN has its flaws, like any other institution, this is unavoidable, error is unavoidable. However, we're a strong family, here at AAUN, as you can see how many students of the university have come and posted to your blog. I'm a student of AAUN, it would be unwise to speak about things that you evidently have rudimentary knowledge of, mike john. It would be prudent to appear intelligent when you try to insult others. You have not done that, you have as a matter of fact made yourself look foolish not only to random students of AAUN, but the the whole inet. :) Smile!

- Mustapha
Well said Mustapha! I believe those who have not been to our uni have no right to judge the school. Although it has its flaws (which uni doesn't?!) AAUN offers something that most universities in naija don't. The fact that you are able to approach your faculty at anytime of the day be it at school are even at the lecturer's home is truly amazing. I feel much more confident in my work because i know that if i should fail, there's someone to lead me every step of the way! To all doubters, come and see for yourself! I bet you would come back here and erase all NEGATIVE comments made about AAUN! see ya!!


Hello abti please am interested in your schorlaship program please how can be part of it what are the requirements thanks am desperate
Hello abti your scholarship pogram is great please how can be part of this great opportunity what are the requirement thanks am especting your mail


I have read through these comments and it was agreed, tentatively though,that:

(1).Indeed the standard of education in nigeria (particular reference is @ the university level) has falling.

(2).AAUN  is front-lining for nigerian universities to go back to their former positions in term of delivering quality education, particularly at the graduates level.

(3)AAUN has not done right by saying "....to the first world class...in W/A....


(1).Let us hope and pray that the supposed dynamics of change that AAUN brings to nigeria be spread to the domestic universities as a start.

(2)Let us hope that such dynamics be sustained:other universities in the country such as those mentioned by others above, but particularly the great Ahnadu Bello University Zaria, of which I happen to be a graduate started on a very sound footing, even much than what AAUN may seem to be now, to the extent that anywhere a graduate of that school go today, he must be looked at the second time.


(i)Has the quality of education really fallen in nigeria, or is it just a  plain increase in the number of unserious student.Before now, we also had unserious students, graduates of third class and LMPG degrees. We had between 30-90 students in a class; today we have between 200-400 in a class.So, it is rational to think that 2% of unserious student in a class before now is less than 2% of unserious student in what we call a class today. Yea, its just the number

(3).Actually, there is no point in poing to which Varsity started on sound footing or not, since over 90% of nigerian Varsities have had their own share of success and failure.

Conclusion: With the way things are going in the global economy today, very soon the level of education will be at par globally.Just that, it will means the exploitation of the economically poor, a feature of a capitalist economy, a system we have allowed to govern the way we think, eat and do other things
i will like if you can allow me to come to ibadan for examination on 30 of november of the month plz you can send me the corfamation through this address no 26 ifelodun street off odi olowo osogbo osun state nigeria.
AAUN has been able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is indeed a world class university. just come and have a look...there is just one word to describe it: splendid!







I think all you need do,is to go to the ABTI wesite @ http://www.abti-american.edu.ng/ .Click the "Application" menu for Application information and admission requirement or simply download/fill the form online. You also need to find out whether they offer the course(s) you are talking about; under the menu "Academics". Look, it isn't that I like the school, I am very proud of where graduated from (ABU Zaria, Econs).Note that ABTI may not be what you expects. I would also advice that you check out schools like Nassarawa(http://www.nasarawastate.org/education/index.htm or http://www.getcited.org/inst/153376), Gombe(http://www.gomsu.org/) and Kaduna states universities for you perusal. I do not want to blame for for going to UniJos for your Diploma programme cos I know someone who did his Diploma there and they refused to give him DE Admission.

Until the I wish you goodluck in all your life's endeavour.
Those who compare themselve with themselves are not wise says the good book. I think it is high we stay or rather stop these comparisons. It makes even the most wisest/covincing arguement advanced a babble (babbler).
For me, i would like to konw every thing about the school, ie how to apply for the school and were to get the application form(like to become one of there students).

My address: No. 1 Affa Street Uwani Enugu, Enugu State.
its great to know a good university is in nigeria at last. I guess for those interested in university in nigeria. it is currently the best option.
dear sir,

i want you to help on this topics:GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES.

i will be experting your reply sir.

thank you
i like to knw how i will get into the school cos i really like the school just want to know how to get the appliaction form.
Please how do I get your Admision letter.
I need information about studying in Auun please like accomodation, cost and other vital information as soon as possible
i want to know about telecom in abti yola university i am especting
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I admire the beneficial information in your assignment, I will bookmark your blog i am very positive they will learn lots of new things right here than any body else,
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AUN d best so far in west africa n 2 wuld clas stndard. Neva let povaty role ur mind but ur mind role povaty,ok!
how can i hava teaching job in franch in abti