Agile Web #1: "Google Sitemaps"

"Google Sitemaps"

Uche Ogbuji's new column, "Agile Web," explores the intersection of agile programming languages and Web 2.0. In this first installment he examines Google's Sitemaps schema, as well as Python and XSLT code to generate site maps. [Oct. 26, 2005]

And with this article the "Python and XML" column has been replaced by a new one titled "Agile Web".

I wrote the Python-XML column for three years, discussing the combination of an agile programming language with an agile data format. It's time to pull the lens back a bit to take in other such technologies. This new column, "Agile Web," will cover the intersection of dynamic programming languages and web technologies, particularly the sorts of dynamic developments on the web for which some use the moniker, "Web 2.0." The primary language focus will still be Python, with some ECMAScript. Occasionally there will be some coverage of other dynamic languages as well.

In this first article I introduce the Google SiteMaps program, XML format and Python tools.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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