Agile Web #2: "Handling Atom Text and Content Constructs"

"Handling Atom Text and Content Constructs"

Uche Ogbuji's Agile Web column returns with a look at handling some of the trickier issues in the Atom Syndication Format, which has recently become RFC 4287, an internet standard.

Second article in my new column is out. In this one I focus on Atom text and content constructs. I spent more time on the Atom examples and less on the sample processing code, but I thought more of the former would be especially useful. I've been working with and writing about Atom a lot lately, and in fact I have an IBM developerWorks tutorial for Atom processing in XSLT in production. It should be live some time today.

Joe Gregorio has been working the other half of the Atom pie (old joke for folks who've been following Atom), and he has a very timely new article out: "Catching Up with the Atom Publishing Protocol".

And once again, if you'd like to discuss Atom (syntax or publishing protocol), please do join us on the #atom channel on

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