Amara 1.1.6

I released Amara 1.1.6 last week (see the announcement). This version requires 4Suite XML 1.0b2. As usual, though, I have prepared an "allinone" package so that you do not need to install 4Suite separately to use Amara.

The biggest improvements in ths release are to performance and to the API. Amara takes advantage of a lot of the great performance work that has gone into 4Suite (e.g. Saxlette). There is also a much easier API on-ramp that I expect most users will appreciate. Rather than having to parse using:

from amara import binderytools as bt
doc = bt.bind_string(XML) #or bt.bind_uri or bt.bind_file or bt.bind_stream

You can use

import amara
amara.parse(XML) #Whether XML is string, file-like object, URI or local file path

There are several other such simplifications. There is also the xml_append_template facility, which is very handy for generating XML (see how Sylvain uses it to simplify atomixlib).

Thanks to all the folks who helped with suggestions, patches, review, etc.

[Uche Ogbuji]

via Copia