Aw naw, hell naw they didn't

OkayPlayer-hating on that Benedict papam habiendam

I'm sorry. I shouldn't propagate something bound to offend the Catholic population, but damn, I was rolling. I wonder. When Delia Smith cajoled drunkenly "Come on! Let's be having you", was she really prepared for what she'd get?

On the real, though. People talk about dude as if they expect his first Papal bull to be a consecration of the Shoah or something. You have to do a lot more than slap the hands of some frisky Latino Archbishops to get Sith Lord billing, and he did at least ditch Hitler's army, no? Give the man time.

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how come you know about delia? watched the game i spose... i am a norwich fan...

love the pope pics. i came across the first issue he commented on this weekend. apparently Harry Potter is evil, JP2 got it wrong...
EPL junkie here.  I catch most of the games and all the preview/review shows out here in Colorado.  The Delia Smith episode was hilarious.  Sorry to say I don't have any parochial reason to prove my true brit soccer stripes and support some odd Twickenham or Crewe: I'm an Arsenal fan.  They're just the most fun team to watch (well, Barcelona comes pretty darned close).  Good luck avoiding the drop.  This is one of those years where I really wish there was no relegation.  Norwich, Crystal Palace and lately WBA play with such heart that I think they all deserve better than their likely relegation.

Anyways, about Benedict16, I still think a 2-year old swipe at HP is not quite enough to flip the Vader bit.  Maybe someone should ask him again to see whether he's mellowed.  Or, ah, maybe they shouldn't.  Let him chart his own legacy and all that.