Business-grade broadband in Superior, Colorado

Looking into upgrading my home broadband to business grade, I've casted about for options. Comcast is my current provider for digital cable plus cable broadband, and I've been happy with them, so I called to ask what they could do for me.

Their quote for (Comcast Workplace Standard) was $110 per month for 6.6Mb down and 768Kb down and 5 static IPs, with a promo waiving installation fee and taking $20 per month off for the first 12 months (requires a 24 month commitment).

Sounded good, and seems it must be. I went hunting around sites such as DSLBroker to find business broadband options for Superior, Colorado, where I live. I found nothing but plans on the order of $200/mo for 1.1Mb symmetric; overall I didn't find anything that even came close to the value Comcast was offering. Does anyone know whether I'm just missing something? Do you have experience with business-grade broadband at home?

[Uche Ogbuji]

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Hey Uche,

If I'm not mistaken, Speakeasy DSL, the company I go through, has the exact price for the same level of service. This is for their OneLink service, which doesnt require the need to use your phone from the phone company -- they provide all of that as well.

They also offer a TON of business grade services One plan in which gives you a free DSL home line (1.5/768 I believe) when you purchase a T1 business line for your office which is pretty cheap. As far as SDSL, it seems there rates are a bit cheaper than what you have found, although I'm not sure by how much.