Cannavaro, punked

Good grief! The man everyone hailed as the true best player of the World Cup certainly looked like a scrub in Lyon's domination of Real Madrid this week. It's something close to criminal that Lyon didn't cash in their complete domination of the game for 6-0 or suchlike score rather than the 2-0 the board showed at the final whistle. Cannavaro especially stank up the pitch. He looked worse than Carragher did during his own embarrassing turn handing out gifts on the blue end of Merseyside. Cannavaro completely lost Juninho's looping ball to lay a red carpet for Fred's goal, and he committed no end of other shocking blunders that were less severely punished. Speaking of Juninho, I think I'm more in awe of his dead ball prowess than I am of Roberto Carlos's (BTW RC was definitely the goat on the other Lyon goal, by Tiago). He dealt Casillas some bitter punishment, and it's amazing none of his blasts ripped the net open. Six fois champions? Quel autre avis? Champions de Europe? Peut être, vieux, peut être.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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