CherryPy QOTW

OK there are many fun zingers from the latest CherryPy/WSGI/Paste tiff, but this one resonated soundly with me:

In times BC (Before CherryPy ;) I would simply write stuff in PHP because it was easier than fitting my square mind in some Python framework's tetrahegon shaped hole.

—Christian Dowski, Captain Buffet

Such an L7. :-) And I don't know why that puts in my head the nonce construction "techno-hadron".

[Uche Ogbuji]

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Captain Buffet ... sounds like someone who spends too much time at Golden Corral ;-)

Anyhow, I am honored to be selected for this week's CherryPy QOTW.  Thanks to everyone who helped get me this far.  In closing, is sweet.  Nice work.
Grr.  I unwittingly truncated your name.  I suck :-(

I paused a bit at "Captain Buffet".  But I figured my geek audience would think to click the link :-)

And planetatom was fun.  Taght me a bit more about CherryPy, too.