Chikaora Zion Credell Ogbuji

My favorite picture of Chika

Well, as of Wednesday November 23rd, Roschelle and I became the proud parents of a baby girl: Chikaora Zion Credell Ogbuji.

She was born at Hillcrest (they have a nice collection of trivia related to the birth date/time). I'm collecting her pictures under the chika tag in my Flickr stream. There will be more to come.

Chimezie Ogbuji

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another ogbuji you are coming thick and fast! congratulations - i can only assume this little beauty is chimezie's handiwork.
Congratulations, chime!! Qué guapa!!  ;-)
I find it weird that the hospital has listed the name Chikaora as being of Japanese origin and meaning "near and dear". Does the hospital even consult the parents about these things?
Thanks all :).  Kelechi, Yes, I only just noticed that.  We were never asked for the orgin or meaning of the name.  That's a bit bold to assume both on their part.  Thanks for spotting that
Congratulations Roschelle and Chime....and good JOB being a helpful big sister Imose :)

Love, the Nixons

Tiffany, Matt, Isaiah, Aidan, Ephraim, and Asher

who can't wait until you visit Arizona again :)
Oh my goodness she is so so beautiful. I this she looks like Te-Te Monie!!!  Wow,  congratulations to such a wonderful addition to this family.
How about booking her? Is that allowed? Well she is beautiful. Congrats, just reading it.