Convenience APIs for 4Suite Domlette parsing

I added some functions to make a baby step into Domlette parsing. I call these the brain-dead APIs (though we use more decorous terms officially). You can now get yourself a crisp DOM with as little effort as:

>>> from Ft.Xml import Parse
>>> doc = Parse("<hello>world</hello>")

And thence on to the usual fun stuff:

>>> print doc.xpath(u"string(hello)")

Parse also knows how to handle streams (file-like objects):

>>> doc = Parse(open("hello.xml"))

Do a help(Parse) to get a warning about using that function with XML that is not self-contained, and an example of how to parse such XML properly in 4Suite.

There is also ParsePath, which handles files paths and URLs:

>>> from Ft.Xml import ParsePath
>>> doc = ParsePath("hello.xml")
>>> doc = ParsePath("")

And what do you know? That last URL does not parse. My feed is ill-formed. ☠☠☠☠☠ (I love cursing in Unicode) Sigh. Gotta fix the PyBlosxom Atom generation. Maybe we need a touch of 4Suite (Amara, actually) there, as well.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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