Coup de Boule (or summer 2006: pwned by Zizou)

Work's bee a bit heavy this week, but I've had instant stress relief every evening thanks to the new summer craze. F'real, Janet was just dreaming of a response like this when she told Justin Timbo to pop her bra. The Zizou is everywhere. First of all (coz you know j'aime d'la musique tout de temps, ooh), there's the song "Coup de Boule" that's become an overnight phenom in France. Then there are the anis. I swear many of the gems I've seen make the ones I posted seem positively pedestrian. Thank goddess for under-employed people. My French/American friend Noah tipped me to this Register article with a few choice selections. That article led me to this "Zidane's headbutt photoshop-thread" forum, which has pages of good stuff, including:

There's even more madness on YTMND. My fave is The Death Star.

Question: Does the Zizou count as the best header in World Cup history that was not saved by Gordon Banks? Think about it.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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