Create-a-caption:Argonés vs. Vieira [spoilers for France vs. Spain]

I have no idea what the Spanish coach and French midfielder were yelling to each other in the 73rd minute (well, Aragonés was yelling, Vieira was talking/gesturing), but I couldn't help imagining:

Aragonés: Damn you lazy, thick nigger!
Vieira: Calm down, man. Desailly doesn't play for us anymore.
Aragonés: Oh, a wise guy? I'll have a pop at you, you... [referee orders him to the bench]

Is that rude of me? Defamatory, even? Well, people who know of several unfortunate recent incidents in football know well that actual events are far worse than any cynical concoction. I just borrowed from history's own script.

I believe I'm barely sensitive to racism, but it does gall me that the systematic football-related nastiness in Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe is so mildly handled by venal FIFA while the occasional shirt-tug is considered a stain on the very integrity of the game. Just ask Sean Wright-Phillips whether he'd rather get his shirt tugged or handed the Spanish mob treatment.

BTW, Henry is my favorite player, but I thought it was despicable for him to pretend that Puyol had elbowed him in the face. That should probably not even have been a foul that led to Vieira's headed goal. Shades of the Champion's league final where Eboué dove to set up the free kick that led to Campbell's headed goal. Arsenal and Barça in an eternal braid of football intrigue, I guess.

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Indeed. Racism in some parts of the European football has become a real issue for players and FIFA seem not to care at all. This is alarming.

Regarding yesterday's game. I was happy to see France playing that well eventually. The player who impressed me the most is definitely Sagnol.
Hell, Spain and Europe are full of racist people, sure, but Aragonés is not one of them. Ask Samuel Etoo or any of the black players he had under his orders.

Calling someone "black" is being racist as much as calling someone "blonde" is being racist, and Aragonés said just that to Henry, black.

Lots of spanish narrators say "the kind tanned one" instead of saying black. Do you think this stupid euphemism is better?
I don't know if you did it on purpose but Aragones has said "that black shit" not just black. So please do not post any FUD like that.

Besides, the point is that European football is full of racists and the FIFA and governments must do something about it but they could not care less.

Regarding your last question, what are you expecting me to tell you?

Thanks for your comment.  I've replied, at length: