CVS log since tag?

My usual trick for creating a "What's changed" summary in my projects is to check CVS for commits since the previous release. SO if the previous release was 24 October 2005 I run

cvs log -NSd ">2005/10/24"

It would be nice if I could do the same thing while specifying the last revision, rather than a date. I wish I could do:

cvs log -NSr<last-rev>::HEAD

but that seems to work only for numerical revisions rather than tags. Does anyone know of any neat hacks to achieve this? Note: if you prefer to advocate Subversion, that's OK, but at least be sure to specify the precise command to do this with SVN so that others can benefit from the example.

Note: this is coming up for me now because I'm wrapping up the packaging for 4Suite 1.0b3 release. One huge new feature: Full DTD support for all the parsers (written in C by the indefatigable Jeremy). One big fix: build support for 64 bit Intel architecture machines.

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