Finding xForms.xpi for FireFox 1.5

The maintainer of the official extensions page for Mozilla XForms has been very slow to update the main link to point to an xforms.xpi that works with the FireFox 1.5 release. A comment on this page as well as the XForms project page point to a nightly FTP location as the up to date source for the XPI. I've used the XPI from that link on one Windows box and two Ubuntu boxes. It worked on all but one Ubuntu box. Today I tried a reinstall for the problem case, but when I tried the above link I got an FTP 550 error ("Failed to change directory"). The directory is still in the index for its parent, so I'm not sure what's up. Indeed I'm not able to change to any of the children of with Firefox or ncftp.

I did some searching and found this Australian mirror. The nightly date is different, so I can't be sure it's the same xpi (I don't have the other xforms.xpi to checksum), but perhaps it will help someone else. It didn't help me; that xpi doesn't seem to work any more than the earlier one I tried. XForms simply don't render.

I do hope Mozilla gets its XForms act together. There is some hope now that lead developer Beaufour has found a temporary sponsor (woohoo!). He says:

I guess we should release a new version of the XPI soon too, to include some of the stuff that has been in the trunk for a while now, and I should try to get back to my weekly/bi-weekly “XForms Status Updates” too.

Yes to all that, but do please also make sure people can actually find the extension for use.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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