First Board 2006/7

Got out to Keystone with Osita (playing hooky) Charles, Dawn and Melette. Keystone was just opening and conditions were hardly as sweet as last year's first trip, but then again that was three weeks into November, rather than the 3rd day. My knee is in better shape this year, but still not at full strength.

It was mad crowded, with only Montezuma lift open (no trails open below that mid-mountain point and we had to down-load at the end), but there were a few modest powder stashes to be found. Early season snowfall this year has been promising, and it might well be as lovely a season as the last. Looking out to Keystone's second peak, it was looking pretty close to fit. Copper claims they have top-to-bottom open, so that might be my second trip.

After the debacle of the crap digicam from last year I think I'm going to spring for a good helmet-cam (seems they run about $350 or so). If anyone has any suggestions for a good model, I'd be grateful. If it is going to be another epic season, I gotta get into some vid-blogging.

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