Follow-up Copia housecleaning

Of course chores lead to more chores. After last week's round of tweaks to Copia I got a suggestion from Aristotle to rearrange the entry-specific titles, and I've done so. I got a bit more info from Tom Passin about possible encoding problems that has only deepened my bafflement.

I also noticed there has been some confusion over last week's birth announcement. It came from Chimezie, not me (congrats, brother!). On Copia the authors is specified for each entry, but previously there wasn't any such useful distinction being made in the Atom 0.3 (I'll be working on an Atom 1.0 flavor for PyBlosxom soon) or RSS 1.0 feeds. I've fixed that, but I've done through in a way I'm not sure all feed sinks will process correctly. In the Atom feed there is a top-level

    <name>Uche and Chimezie Ogbuji</name>

And then for each entry a more specific authors, for example:

<title>Chikaora Zion Credell Ogbuji</title>

I hope that helps. I made some other tweaks to the feeds, and this does seem to have had the unfortunate side-effect of pushing everything back onto the front page of Planet XML. My apologies to Planet XML readers (including me: I'd hoped to catch up after the holidays and found only Copia entries).

Copia already tells you the author of each entry, in the info line at the end of the entry.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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