“Get free stuff for Web design”

"Get free stuff for Web design"

Subtitle: Spice up your Web site with a variety of free resources from fellow designers
Synopsis: Web developers can find many free resources, although some are freer than others. If you design a Web site or Web application, whether static or with all the dynamic Ajax goodness you can conjure up, you might find resources to lighten your load and spice up your content. From free icons to Web layouts and templates to on-line Web page tools, this article demonstrates that a Web architect can also get help these days at little or no cost.

This was a particularly fun article to write. I'm no Web designer (as you can tell by looking at any of my Web sites), but as an architect specializing in Web-fronted systems I often have to throw a Web template together, and I've slowly put together a set of handy resources for free Web raw materials. I discuss most of those in this article. On Copia Chimezie recently mentioned OpenClipart.org, which I've been using for a while, and is mentioned in the article. I was surprised it was news to as savvy a reader as Sam Ruby. That makes me think many other references in the article will be useful.

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