Getting trackbacks to work in pyblosxom

Ted Leung's module for pyblosxom is pretty badly broken. Hard to imagine it ever worked at all, but I had to have another full immersion into PyBlosxom plug-in land to try to figure fix it. I got some ways by myself beefore I went to seek help on the 'Net and found Eric Gaumer 's message and blog entry with some of the fixes I'd figured out, and some others. I also found some improvements from Steven Armstrong. In a similar thread, I learned from Joseph Reagle about this useful Web page for sending trackback pings.

Ted Leung seemed receptive to the fixes and said he had an update version of, but I couldn't find it, so I just made the changes myself. I've posted the updated file here (, in case anyone wants it. I'll probably remove the file once I see a fixed version in the spot pointed to by the PyBlosxom registry.

BTW, Eric's a fellow snowboarder, and he's scored a trip to the Mammoth this year. Sweet. I wonder how many other Pythonistas shred.

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