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What a week it's been! It's been a laden week for me at work, so it's only now, as I settle in to watch this week's EPL fixtures (update: and realise there are none) that I learn of all the madness that's been going on in the transfer market. And what an eyeful! Tevez and Mascherano to the Hammers? Are you kidding me? The man (Pardew) is a complete genius. His team was already a joy to watch. As a motivator he seems to get the sort of commitment from his team that only the greatest coaches manage. And now he's pulled of the off-pitch masterstroke. Tevez will be able to take an all four of most Premiership back lines on his own. Combined with the power of Zamora and Harewood, West Ham should produce even more goals than they did last season. And what better bodyguard for West Ham's own back line could they find than Mascherano?

The Beast But what am I talking about West Ham for? It's all about The Gunners. I've been wanting them to get rid of pouty Reyes and Cole for ages. This is The Arsenal. If you're so keen to play somewhere else, then off with you. Truth be told, though, the departure of Vieira and general absence (and now full departure) of Campbell has really left Arsenal without much of a backbone lately. So what do we have this week? Reyes gets his eager wish to be a Galactico, and we get "The Beast". Julio Baptista. Not quite as skillful as Vieira, but much more imposing. . Oh, you want more? Gallas and 5 million quid come Arsenal's way in exchange for Cole. Wow. I would have thought Cole/Gallas was fair as a straight swap, so I think Arsenal got the sweet end here. Gallas won't provide as clever a supporting attack as Cole did, but we have an excess of attack right now, and Gallas is just that defensive rock we're lacking. Oh, you want more? Wenger negotiated a very modest transfer fee to secure the dazzling Denilson. Denilson has almost never in his career played up to his amazing potential (neither for country nor any club outside Brazil), but I think he's never played with a club that makes such good use of skilled midfielders.

It's been an uninspiring August for The Gunners (to put it politely), but it looks as if, as always, Wenger is finding spectacular ways to bring new life to the team.

In former Gunner news, what a week for Kanu at Pompeii. Check out the way he way he literally (yes, literally, literally) held back the Middlesborough defence like a one man levee to score his second goal at Teeside. It's great to see him doing so well; I figured after watching his strong performance for Nigeria in the African Cup of Nations he still had it in him. And Anelka to Bolton? Wow. £8M seems steep, but if anyone can get the best of Anelka, who's been dissapointing since leaving London, it's Big Sam, the master at marshalling maligned players.

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Okay, so I wasn't the only person who thought Reyes was a major whiner.

Wow, I wasn't aware Arsenal got the beast, Denilson and Galas.  That's big time transfer activity.

I never thought Real Betis was the place for Denilson, so it looks like his career is all up from here.

I didn't see Jay-Jay on the Bolton in the Wanderers lineup recently, whatever happened to him?
There was some talk about a falling-out between Okochan and Big Sam, after the captain's armband went to Nolan.  I think he got transferred to the United Arab Emirates somewhere, where they are paying him crazy money.  He basically decided the cash was worth laboring in an unknown league.  Too bad for us :-(

BTW, I heard Okocha has a football video.  This reminds me to try to find that.  Here it is:


I'll have to find a U.S. release.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, Uche, but the Denilson [1] signed by the Gunners is not the famous Denilson [2], which was part of the Brazilian squad in 2002 and plays for Betis.

It is a coincidence that the Gunners hired a youngster named Denilson from the same São Paulo F.C.

Denilson is a fairly common name here in Brazil, it was bound to happen sooner or later. :-)  He is a promising youth player, nevertheless.

The famous Denilson is currently playing for french-side Bordeaux [3].

[1] http://tinyurl.com/rf9hn

[2] http://tinyurl.com/ffzfs

[3] http://girondins.com/

Aww, man.  You could have at least let me enjoy my fantasy until they actually put Denilson on for the first time :-).  It would have been funny to witness my reaction.  He looks about 12 years old in the photo you posted.

Oh well, thanks for setting me straight.  Wenger is one of the best managers out there when it comes to spotting talent, so I'm sure Denilson is as promising a player as you say.  And i do remember now that Denilson made the move from Betis to Bordeaux last year.