Hacking in the name of IE

I finally broke down and made Copia safe for MSIE. When I first set up the site, I tweaked the IE look a bit, but it was such a frustrating exercise that I gave up once satisfied with its appearance on FireFox and Safari (I need to install Opera for testing). Last night I found this excellent Wiki resource and soon got things sorted out. In the process I was alerted to the fact that Copia gets rendered in quirks mode, which is not what we want. I think I know how to fix most of the problems, but some issues are buried in PyBlosxom and plug-ins code, I think, so it may have to wait until my next burst of energy before we can sport one of those fly "valid ?HTML ?" icons.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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You might want to check out browsershots.org.  It's a "browser cam" like service, you give it a URL and it shows you (after a bit of processing) how that page appears in several (IE, Konqueror, Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Epiphany, and Galeon).  The web site it actually the test bed of a very cool (mostly) Python project that lets people build their own browser cam apps.