Identifying BNodes via RDF Query

Sorry couldn't help but commence round 3 (I believe it is) of Versa vs SPARQL. In all honesty, however, this is has to do more with RDF itself than it with either query language. It is primarily motivated by a very informative and insightful take (by Benjamin Nowack) on the problems regarding identifying BNodes uniquely in a query. His final conclusion (as I understood it) is that although the idea of identifying BNodes directly by URI seems counter-inituitive to the very nature of BNodes (anonymous resources) it is a practical necessity (one that I have had to use more often than not with Versa and caused him to have to venture outside the boundaries of the SPARQL specification for a solution). This is especially the case when you don't have much identifying metadata associated with the BNode in question (where if you did you could rely on inferencing - explicit or otherwise).

Well, ironically, the reason why this issue never occured to me is that in Versa, you refer to resources (for identification purposes) by URI regardless of whether they are blank nodes or not. I guess I would interpet this functionality as leaving it up to the author of the query to understand the exact nature of BNode URI's (that they are transient,possibly inconsistent, etc.)

Chimezie Ogbuji

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