Incredible Golie Punt

I was wondering if I was the only one (besides Sean Palmer) who saw that incredible punt by the English goalie (I think it was) that hit a recording (or display) device hanging above the field - at least 80 meters above the field?

I used to be a pretty good goalie (still am) so I'm still scratching my head over whether the goalie simply ate his wheaties that day or if the balls are that much different. Soon after, I heard 45000+ people sing God Save the Queen in almost perfect unison and remembered that incredible things are meant to happen in the World Cup.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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Not the only one. I expected the commentators to make a little bit more of it, but the game moved on. I would have liked to have seen a wider angle on that kick!
What was even stranger was the ref appeared to blow the whistle when it happened. The ESPN2 coverage kept switching between the field and the replay, so I couldn't exactly figure out what the ref actually did about it if anything, anyone catch this? (This should have been a play-on, no?)