Itinerant Binds - Better Software Documentation

It was brought to my attention that my recent entry about Sparta/Versa/rdflib possibilities was a little vague/unclear. This tends to happen when I get caught up in an interest. Anyways,.. I renamed the module to Itinerant Binds (I liked the term), created a page on Metacognition for the recent rdflib/4Suite RDF work I've been doing with some more details on how the components works. I added an example that better demonstrates isolating RDF resources through targeted Versa queries and using the bound python result objects to modify / extend the underlying graph.

Chimezie Ogbuji

via Copia
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This is really cool stuff, and long overdue IMO. It's interesting to contrast the easy of translating between RDF APIs vs. XML APIs...

BTW, the page linked to doesn't seem to like Safari very much; it doesn't scroll, and the left-hand pane does strange things.

Thanks.  re: page layout, yeah I noticed yesterday as well that the page doesn't load well outside of mozilla / IE.  I plan to do w/out the funky CSS Navingation pane on the left hand side today.