Jideobi Maxwell Ogbuji

Jideobi Maxwell Dike Ogbuji was born at home at 12:13 on 28 August 2002 weighing 8lb 8oz and 20 3/4 inches long.

Jideobi "ji-doh'-bee" (sounds somewhat like "adobe") is an Igbo name. It can be shortened to Jide (jih-day, almost like Aussie "g'day"). It has a manifold meaning, depending on the exact pronunciation used. In one form (rising tone on "bi"), it means "one who holds the family, clan or household together". In the other form (descending tone on "bi"), it means "one who holds the heart"). We have chosen to use both pronounciations and thus meanings. Dike is another Igbo name meaning "strong one" or "honored one".

Jideobi is our second son, after Ositadimma.