Just learned Skye Edwards is back with Morcheeba, and they're working on a new album

Lori and I were just listening to Dive Deep, and reminiscing about a memorable series of concerts we attended in Denver a couple of years ago, including Morcheeba, which was fantastic, even though they had a French singer substituting for Skye, and serving as a somewhat pale shadow.

I was curious what Morcheeba is up to lately and came across this article with the good news that Skye Edwards has rejoined the group, and that they're working on a new album for release this summer. I'm well stoked for that because Dive Deep is a beautiful soundscape, but just short of its full potential without Skye's luxurious voice, and Skye's solo album was really just no fun. They needed to get back together, so here's to a new, proper Morcheeba album and a new tour stop in Denver, I hope.