Lektora is nice, but not nice enough

Lektora, a browser-based feed reader, is nice, and for a moment I considered buying the commercial upgrade, not because I have a problem with the ads (I don't notice them), but to support good software. And then I started noticing missing feeds. I imported my entire OPML from straw, and it turns out that Lektora never presents me with items from a lot of those blogs. Some of the missing ones I've noticed:

Nothing I can tell in common with these feeds. One is Atom, two are RSS 1.0, and the third is RSS 2.0. But Lektora apparently can't handle them, and I have to use straw to keep up with them.

Also, Lektora developers seem to do a good job keeping the Windows and Linux versions up to date, but don't bother much with the Linux version. I'm not willing to pay for half-hearted Linux support.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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