Nkemjika Chloë Ogbuji

Lori and I have always wanted a girl, and it seems we're fourth time lucky.  Nkemjika Chloë Ogbuji was born 16 August 2010 at 2:26am weighing 7lbs 9oz, and 21in long (I'm sure all those archaic units of measure mean something).

Nkemjika is Igbo for "What I possess is greatest."  Short form "Nkem."  Chloë is of course from the Greek for "blossom," and echoes her parents in its letters.  It's a sacred epithet of Demeter, which I find especially satisfactory.  She is of course preceded by her brothers Ositadimma ("Osi"), Jideobi ("Jide") and Udoka, who have all been extraordinarily good big brothers so far.

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Cute as a button :)
these are sometimes me and nkemjika her first name her middle name chloe her last name ogbuji udoka and nkem is both sometimes dad/uche mom/lori jide and nkem nkem is 1 years old her nicknames are:nkem nkkittyka babyka nbabis kittyka sweetie intergirl and thats all
Well, she's a cutie!