Off the line by Gary Speed

So Newcastle United are pressing Bolton Wanderers hard early at The Reebok, Trotter fans in a hush, Toon Army baying for away blood, and all that, and all of a sudden, off runs Gary Speed to his right post, as if whispered a message by very wing-sandaled Hermes. Tactically, he has no reason to be at that spot, but before I (and probably millions of other viewers) can open our mouths to say "what the hell are you doing loitering on that post, you goat?", Lee Bowyer gets a cock eye at the ball and shapes in a wicked shot past Jaaskelainen and right onto the head of, yeah, you guessed it, Gary Speed. Cleared off the line by the lost boy. One of the wackiest sequences I've seen in Soccer this year, I must say. I find it easier to believe that Gary Speed was visited by sudden clairvoyance than to believe that anyone is that stupid-lucky.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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