"Poetry for the Nervous, Vol 1"

Love poetry?  Hate poetry?  Just don't get what it's about?  Come join the discussion, "Poetry for the Nervous, Vol 1."

Beside the Stanley Kunitz and Lenrie Peters pieces I lead with in the original post, there have been numerous others listed, discussed and quoted in the comments. Just in the first couple of days we have Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, Kipling, Edward Lear, Stevie Smith, Lewis Carroll, Plath, Pound, Eliot, Dylan Thomas, Marianne Moore, G.M. Hopkins, Louis MacNeice, W.D. Snodgrass, Auden, Opie & Opie, C. Day Lewis, Spender, Leopold Senghor, Aimé Césaire, Christopher Okigbo, James Reeves, Yeats, Lionel Johnson, Ernest Dowson, Whitman, Ginsberg, Bob Kaufman, Gregory Corso, Mallarmé, Symons, Hulme, H.D., Aldington, cummings, Meera Bai, Tony Hoagland, Philip Levine, John Clare, Sydney, Shelley, Donne, Hass, Bukowski, Siegfried Sassoon, Vera Pavlova and Geoff Kagan Trenchard.

Also, mentions of personalities connected to poetry such as Artistotle, Peter Levi, Marjorie Perloff and Garrison Keillor, a shot out to New Zealand poets Allen Curnow, Bill Manhire, Janet Frame and James K. Baxter, and even musicians including Bob Dylan and Jefferson Airplane, Talib Kweli and M.F. Doom.