Posting to Pyblosxom with WebDAV

"Pyblosxom: Posting with WebDAV" -- The industrious Eric Gaumer again

Yeah, blog posting to WebDAV occurred to me at some point when I was pulling out my hair (psych. No hair) about the horrid state of blog posting clients. But it seemed too much additional cranial load given everything else I was having to learn and hack on (been a while since I've used mod_dav). Nice to see Eric has it working, and I might head in that direction some day. First of all, though, I might consider working on a plug-in to accept posts via e-mail. Incedentally, Kingsley Idehen was also just telling me today that his blog uses SQLX over WebDAV (I'm still trying to get my head around that). Hey. writing the Web starts at home.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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Setting up WebDAV wasn't too painful. I had a few problems that broke comment posting but it was pretty easily fixed (or so it seems). Definitely worth the half hour setup. Blogging has never felt this good. I'm tired of half baked blog clients and/or typing 500+ words into a tiny textarea with no format tools.

Interesting about the SQLX over WebDAV. We are considering writing a blog client. While we plan on supporting all the blog APIs, something more state of the art would be cool and perhaps push blogging in a new direction. Being able to work with site content as if it were a local file is exactly what someone like mom needs to feel comfortable out here on the web.
Oh, for sure.  WebDAV is really The Right Way.  What you're doing is the entire point of WebDAV.

Fair enough.  I'll probably head in that direction before the e-mail idea.