I have so much hacking to do on Copia's engine that it puts me off doing anything at all. The atom rendering bug I stumbled upon yesterday especially needs a look-in, but I suspect it would take a move from flavor to plug-in to fix it. I'm just honestly not all that bullish about hacking PyBlosxom right now. Not while I've been having so much fun with CherryPy lately.

A while ago Bill Mill said in a comment here:

I'm about halfway done with a "pyblosxom in cherrypy" thing I've been working on. It works, reads all my pyblosxom blogs, and can leave comments. I just need to refactor it to be more sensible and plugin-oriented.

That's the sort of sign I need in order to to hang on, but I do hope Bill works his way through the remaining half soon enough.

Speaking of CherryPy, recently spotted Cookbook entry: "A simple integration of a CherryPy web server, using Quixote template publishing, managed in its own thread."

[Uche Ogbuji]

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