Python/XML column #32 pubbed

"Proper XML output with new APIs in 4Suite and Amara"

Above is my own title for the article. My editor picked the title you see on the actual article, not me. I'm not quite sure what it means. Surely any software release making the old new, if that's your metaphor of choice? I wish the official title said something about the actual content of the article. Anyway:

"In his latest Python and XML column, Uche Ogbuji examines some of the new XML document creation features in Amara and 4Suite."

In effect 4Suite provides a streaming XML writing API, and Amara provides an XML object building API.

[4Suite's] MarkupWriter is just sending instructions to generate a stream of characters, in the Amara example I am building the document as objects in memory. This has several implications. For one thing, MarkupWriter will tend to be faster and much less memory-hungry, while Amara will provide more flexibility for building the document (you can think of it as a sort of cursor with random access to the entire document being built at any time).

Both APIs have a lot of convenience features.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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I think "behold, I make all things new" is from the New Testament.
Yes indeed.  And there's also "Make it new" from the English Symbolists (specifically Pound, but based on Symons and others).  Of course, the New Testament is a little sour on old/new mixes (as in wine and skins, and all that), but I think there's a good chance the Nazarene would have approved of improvinf software for its users.  Thanks for the reminder converging the left brain and right brain aspects of this site.  That's the while point of Copia, after all.