Python/XML column #35: EaseXML and more on Unicode

"EaseXML: A Python Data-Binding Tool"

In this month's Python and XML column, Uche Ogbuji examines a new XML data-binding tool for Python: EaseXML. [Jul. 27, 2005]

The main focus of this article is EaseXML, another option for XML data binding. I found the package rather rough around the edges. I also included a section with a bit more on Unicode, which was the topic of the last two articles "Unicode Secrets" and "More Unicode Secrets". This time I introduced the unicodedata module, which provides useful information about characters from the Unicode standard database.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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Unicode 4.1 has less than a hundred thousand characters, though not much less.  Let's not overdo it.
Thanks John.  Corrected in a comment to the article.
Yesterday I wrote an article on my weblog that shows how to use a Java and Common Lisp binding tool (xampl) that I've been working on for years now: Simple Example of Xampl in Java and Lisp

In the article I go through the examples you show in this article and a few more, in particular showing how the xampl Java version integrates with xpath and JavaScript.

This posting of yours prompted me to write about xampl publicly and in some detail for the first time.