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xmldiff 0.6.7

Xmldiff is a utility for extracting differences between two xml files. It returns a set of primitives to apply on source tree to obtain the destination tree.

LogiLab's Xmldiff is interesting for several reasons, including the fact that it uses XUpdate to represent the XMl differences. You can then use 4Suite's command-line XUpdate tool (or any other tool you like) to "patch" XML files with the diff. See Sylvain Thénault's announcement.

Picket is a CherryPy XSLT filter developed by Sylvain Hellegouarch.

The Picket filter is a simple CherryPy filter for processing XSLT as a template language. It uses 4Suite to do the job.

Nice. Preliminary inspection seems to recommend it as a good example of 4XSLT in server architecture in general. It makes good use of the API, and even implements processor object pooling (helps performance). As the CherryPy tutorial says,

A filter is an object that has a chance to work on a request as it goes through the usual CherryPy processing chain.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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It would be nice to see something Picket (or something similar) implemented as WSGI middleware, which is similar in architecture to CherryPy filters.  Except it has the potential to apply to a wide variety of Python frameworks.  It could be a good way to apply consistent styles to output created from a variety of backends, which is generally a difficult problem.
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Ian, good idea.  I'll keep it in mind and try to write the translation.  For one thing, it would be a good way to learn WSGI.  Your implementation is called paste, right?  I'll check that out.

It's an interesting idea. Once I've fixed some issues with Picket (mainly threading safety) I'll think about it.

- Sylvain
I've changed the way the Picket filters work with threads.

Check out a demo there :