Python/XML community: Amara, lxml and Picket

Amara XML Toolkit 1.0b3
lxml 0.7
Picket 0.4

Amara XML Toolkit 1.0b3 "is a collection of Python tools for XML processing—not just tools that happen to be written in Python, but tools built from the ground up to use Python idioms and take advantage of the many advantages of Python. Amara builds on 4Suite [], but whereas 4Suite focuses more on literal implementation of XML standards in Python, Amara focuses on Pythonic idiom." In this release:

  • Add xmlsetattribute method to elements, in order to allow adding attributes with namespaces or with illegal Python names
  • Update manual source for markdown, and extensive improvements to the manual (with much help from Jamie Norrish)
  • Add xml_doc facility for nodes
  • Fix support for output parameters in xml()
  • Add support for rules to pushbind
  • Improve XSLT support for bindery objects (see demo/bindery/
  • Bug fixes

lxml 0.7 is an alternative, more Pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt XML processing libraries. Martijn Faassen says "lxml 0.7 is a release with quite a few new features and bug fixes, including XPath expression parameters, XInclude support, XMLSchema validation support, more namespace prefix support, better encoding support, and more."

Sylvain Hellegouarch updated Picket, a simple CherryPy filter for processing XSLT as a template language. It uses 4Suite to do the job. This update is mostly in order to support CherryPy development snapshots that are soon to become CherryPy 2.1. A CherryPy "filter is an object that has a chance to work on a request as it goes through the usual CherryPy processing chain."

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