Python/XML community: XIST, XSV and a Wiki français

XIST 2.9
XSV 2.10-1
Wiki : Python et XML

XIST 2.9. XIST (simple, free license) is a very capable package for XML and HTML processing and generation. I covered it recently in "Writing and Reading XML with XIST". The long list of changes is given in Walter Dörwald's announcement.

XSV 2.10-1 . XML Schema Validator (XSV) is a GPLed WXS validator written in Python.I didn't see any announcement of the XSV release except on Cafe con Leche, but there it is. The Web page has a host of changes listed for this one as well.

Wiki : Python et XML. Rémi à écrit: «Je me suis permis d'ouvrir une nouvelle page sur le Wiki avec mes, maigres, connaissances acquises sur Python et XML. »

Rémi wrote: "I was allowed to open a new page on the Wiki with the modest knowledge I've picked up of Python and XML."

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