Six a.m. -- getting out of bed again
Can’t get back in -- ‘cause sleep ain’t gonna pay the rent
Day to day -- they've got you working like a slave
Taking credit for the work you gave and stealing your raise -- well I...
I know you’re down, when you gon’ get up
I see you're down, when you gon’ get up

-- Amel Larrieux -- "Get Up"

Ah, one of the best songs to wake up with (or fall asleep with, or just...). If anyone could be said to have a voice that caresses the ear, ex-Groove Theory chick has it on lock. Her voice is a soft, succulent marvel. And I love the mellow-but-odd stylings of the video. And "Get Up" just the intro to one of the best albums that came out at the turn of the century. Oh, you slept on it like everyone else? I see you ain't down. When you gon' get up?

[Uche Ogbuji]

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