Invertebrate phosphorescence
Shines fiercer than your languid light,
So jinking creatures in the moor
Presume more pride than yours by right.

Hypermortal microbes drunk on
Photons purge them through the dark,
Yet scorn to field your wizened squibs
These ages after they embark.

The heavy earths that choke your core
Like old, sclerotic arteries
Mock worlds you used to stoke to life
In all its teeming congeries.

—Uche Ogbuji—from "Brown Dwarf"

Today I fulfilled requests both old and new by posting a few of my own poems. They are:

"Brown Dwarf" [update: published at Wisdom Crieth Without in 2014]
"11 February 1996" [update: published at About Place in 2014]
"Mantis" [update: published at Verse Virtual in 2014]

These pieces that I picked are about a decade old. I've had enough time to decide that they're good enough to publish. I'm even more excited about my more recent work, but I'd like to give it some time for me to come to a similar level of comfort with it. Certainly not a decade, I expect.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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