Rahab was scarlet—a jolly whale,
Pelagic sex goddess—life-shaper of shale;
Ever jealous Jehovah declared her a whore:
His militant faithful knew cadence no more.

Rahab reigned loudly—a jolly muse,
Broad icon of rhythm—grand matron of blues;
But shunned with her kin after hierophant war,
Left the conquered world knowing cadence no more.

—Uche Ogbuji—"Plaint"

I wrote "Plaint" 15 January 1996 at the Omaha airport on my way home from discharging a contract. I redacted it 1 February 2004 on the Centennial Express 6 chair lift, Beaver Creek, CO.

If you've been watching world events lately, you know the hierophants are still as bellicose as ever, and just as lacking in cadence.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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