I don't know her name, but she works for MSNBC. My apologies for my wordage, but this wench didn't know what the hell was going on. She made up 75% of what she was saying and exaggerated about 95% of everything that she did know. The message: do you want to be a reporter? All you need to do is have a pretty face and buy a Thesaurus!

From Alvaro R. Morales Villa's amazing photo diary (via Eve Maler).

The caption for the next picture is also telling:

Mr. Brian Williams... you know, I've always been a fan of news reporters. After this "event", however, I'm a lot more skeptical about what they say. In this photo he had just gotten into an argument witht the lady in the light blue shirt. She couldn't find out if West Esplanade Avenue (which is in Metaire) and Esplanade Ave. (which is in the French Quarter) were the same.

The U.S. press has become an institution that is completely useless in its complacency and venality. Besides the widespread bungling that is wryly noted in these captions, what amazes me is that the U.S. loves to lecture other countries about freedom of the press, and yet it's widely admitted that the U.S. press never found the backbone to criticize the current government until Katrina.

Much thanks to Alvaro for pluck and resourcefulness to document all that he did, and for sharing it so generously with us (minor note: grand theft auto is not usually just "a minor misdemeanor", although extenuating circumstances in this case might possibly make up that difference).

[Uche Ogbuji]

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.. press never found the backbone to criticize the current government until Katrina ...


the mainstream press is an institution of power with its own agenda coinciding to an unremarkable degree with that of other institutions of power.

the reasons for the news / reporting we get has absolutely nothing to do with how much backbone the press has.

repeating the "backbone" myth clouds fundamental truths about the press and its role in society.