Round head corners?

So I took the line of thought from Eve Maler and the hack from Tarek Ziadé and sprinkled rounded boxes throughout Copia (for Mozilla browsers only, should be regular, square boxes on others). I have a glass eye for Web design so someone will have to tell me whether the Copia look has turned to even more rubbish now.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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It actually looks marginally better.

Gecko doesn’t yet antialias those curves though, so smaller corners would look better. Alternatively, large corners look ok if the border has low contrast against the background, as in Tarek’s screenshot.

I think what the place needs is a) subtler/fewer borders in general b) a better colour scheme (I mean geez).
Heh heh.  Some people have praised the color scheme.  Tastes are so hard to sort out.  As an example, the color scheme on plasmurtum oppresses me quite a bit.  What I think we really need are options, so that folks can use the schemes they like best.  Anyway, I think I agree taht we should use thinner borders.  I'll play with that, as well as the corner radius.

Thanks for the feedback.