Shaking the legs in Amsterdam

I'm leaving for XTech tomorrow evening, and I'm already dreading a week without any intense exercise (I walk a lot on such trips, but that does nothing for my heart rate, especially not at sea level). Maybe it's because my outdoor amateur soccer team just clinched top spot in our division today (woohoo! but I missed a good chance at a bonus goal), but I'm hoping not to have to go all week without a good game of some sort.

Any other XTech attendees feel the same way? Does anyone want to try to find some recreation while there? I'm up for soccer/football (full, 5- a-side, or whatever), basketball, volleyball or tennis. Leave a comment if so. I wanted to put something up on the XTech Wiki, but I'm not sure where to do so, and you can't edit the categories (I don't think).

Not up for playing, how about watching? I'd like to catch the UEFA Champion's League final live somewhere, presumably at a good sports pub. It's on the first day of the conference (Weds), so it may be tough to peel away, but I plan to try. Again pip up if you're up for it.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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