Still looking for a feed reader, perhaps

Earlier I trawled around for a new way of reading my Web feeds. Readers were kind enough to mention Rojo in comments, and I've been using it ever since, but I'm not so sure anymore. It's very nice, but there are a couple of UI nits, and I have a sneaking suspicion it's not showing all new stories. I'm not set on ditching it yet, but I'm looking around again. I found the very useful resources "1 week comparison: SearchFox, Feedster, Pluck, Bloglines, Rojo, and NewsGator", and the follow-up "3 week shakedown, 2 RSS readers remain.". He's leaning towards SearchFox (which a Copia reader had mentioned earlier) and Rojo. Someone in his comments mentioned Findory as well. I went to and signed up, but I guess that's the wrong site. I went to, but you have to e-mail them to get a beta account. I'll give my initial impressions on SearchFox if and when I get an account. As for Findory, the first issue is that I couldn't figure out how to import OPML. I went back to the comment from which I learned about it and found that the key URL is, but I don't think this is very clear on their Web site.

After some OPML silliness (more on that later) I completed the import and found that clicking the "favorites" link in the upper right hand side is the key to focusing on your own feeds, and not all the other stuff Findory wants to show you. I don't think it will work for me though, because it's not the newspaper style aggregator that I prefer.

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