Jedna dva tři čtyři / fancy-flung fremdsprachen sie

One two three four
Is OK, but you need more:

Un deux trois quat’
If you want a welcome mat

En to tre fire
With the krone getting dearer,

Bir iki uç dirt
Selling off your jeans or shirt

—from "Roughing It in Europe" by Robin Helweg-Larsen in Unsplendid 3.2

A delightful song, especially for a language geek.  I'm brushing up on Czech for a trip to Prague later this month, so I did think to myself "boo! where's the "Česky?"—I'm guessing the "Jeden dwa trzy cztery" line is Polish.  A glance at Mr. Helweg-Larsen's bio complements the spirit of his poem.  In his words: "My flag is the blue-and-white of the UN, all other flags are historically interesting at best, despicable at worst."  Amen! Amen! Amen!


We need some lines for Nigeria, though.

Otu abuo ato ano
Eat your fill of sweet paw-paw

Ení èjí ẹta ẹrin
Serious go-slow for Mushin

Daya biyu uku hudu
Let's go dude ranching at Obudu