Thinking XML #34: Search engine enhancement using the XML WordNet server system

Updated—Fixed link to "Serving up WordNet as XML"

"Thinking XML: Search engine enhancement using the XML WordNet server system"

Subtitle: Also, use XSLT to create an RDF/XML representation of the WordNet data
Synopsis: In previous installments of this column, Uche Ogbuji introduced the WordNet natural language database, and showed how to represent database nodes as XML and serve this XML though the Web. In this article, he shows how to convert this XML to an RDF representation, and how to use the WordNet XML server to enrich search engine technology.

This is the final part of a mini-series within the column. The previous articles are:

In this article I write my own flavor of RDF schema for WordNet, a transform for conversion from the XML format presented previously, and a little demo app that shows how you can use WordNet to enhance search with synonym capabilities (and this time it's a much faster approach).

I hope to publicly host the WordNet server I've developed in this series once I get my home page's CherryPy setup updated for 2.2.

See other articles in the column. Comments here on Copia or on the column's official discussion forum. Next up in Thinking XML, RDF equivalents for the WordNet/XML.

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