Thunderbird crash recovery of composed messages

Dare laments Firefox's lack of text area content savings upon crashing. At first I found this strange because Firefox does save text area content in my experience. Then I remembered that I always install SessionSaver. I suspect that's where I might be getting my protection from. It did make me wonder whether XForms content is similarly protected. These days I like to use Chime's XForm document with the FireFox XForms extension to post to copia, and I should test how it handles crashes.

But the main point of this entry is to make a related rant and lazyweb request about Thunderbird. I learned the hard way that unlike Evolution, Thunderbird does not auto-save messages you are composing. That means that my habit of starting drafts and then switching to another task is very dangerous. If I do not manually save the draft and Thunderbird crashes, I lose my work. This is stupid. Evolution would save all compose window content in files named ".evolution-<opaque-id>", and would offer to restore these windows upon restart. If I can't find an extension along the lines of SessionSaver for Thunderbird, I'll have to ditch it. Do any of my LazyWeb friends know of such an extension? Googling and other searching turned up blanks.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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