Tip the cow

Micah brought up cow-tipping coincidentally just about the time I'd meant to muse about the authenticity of the supposed practice. While in Wisconsin (near Twin Lakes) Thanksgiving with the in-laws, Lori's mother surprised me by saying she had never even heard of cow-tipping. It occurred to me that although people always mentioned the supposed practice (usually as a joke about relieving boredom) I had never met anyone who claimed to have done so. To be fair, my impression is that cow-tipping is expected to require at least five or six participants, so that would meet Micah's strength estimates, but I still share Micah's skepticism. Suburban legend? Or should I expect anyone to come forward with video?

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when i lived on a farm in canada (about 400 head of cattle) I never actually witnessed the practice of 'cow tipping' though I have heard stories about actual events from reliable farmer types.

working around the animals though I would like to comment that the operative term is 'tipping'...cows legs are not so strong in certain positions and combined with a muddy field and muck .. i could certainly see it easy to unbalance a cow as to fall over. Just try moving a steer into a lorry for transport they skid and slip all the time.

I believe the formal version of 'cow tipping' is to catch a cow who is sleepy on its feet and to surprise the creature by pushing him over...once again I think balance comes into play in this scenario where the creature is so startled and a little off balance where they literally fall over.

Physically pushing a cow over is another problem, ...once I was pinned against a large bull/steer and wall for about 15 minutes...nothing i did moved the creature.

to be honest I think the activity as a whole is a bit cruel and unfunny; though I thought a little real world experience in the 'cow' problem domain would help.

cheers, Jim
My Boy Scout troop yearly visited a dairy and Maple Syrup farm, and slept in the hay loft of said Barn, round about March when setting up a tent in Wisconsin would have been a bit difficult - 12 inches of snow doesn't make it so easy.

The year before I joined, a group of boys did actually tip over one of the cows there, late at night. I don't know much about the story, but I knew at least one of the kids (most of them didn't last much longer in the troop) who confirmed it for me, as well as the scout leader, who I trust.

Needless to say, the farm owner was not happy.