'Tis a boy

If I've disappeared from correspondence over the past few days, here's why:

Lori did her amazingly quick labor miracle thingie and brought the new boy into the world at our home at 21:16, Monday, 25 July, 2005. (It was a planned home birth, expert midwife in attendance, and all that). We haven't named him yet, in part because we had hoped for a girl and really didn't give the other 50% contingency much thought, and partly because I, and surprisingly Lori, tend towards the Igbo tradition of waiting to meet the little one before you burden him with a life-long name (Jide wasn't named until a few days after his birth).  Update: he is Udoka Julian Melayo Ogbuji.

Mother and child are doing quite well. Eldest boy Osita is very excited to have another baby brother, and middle son Jide is largely concerned with his own affairs (we do have a few pictures of him playing with his new brother). I appear to be continuing evidence of the Ogbuji Y chromosome entrenchment: My parents had three children, all boys, and now they have 5 grandchildren, all boys. But putting my three sons side by side, I find quite marvelous in fact what Lori and I had considered scary in imagination. We are most emphatically not trading this batch in, least of all the newest household terror.

More pictures on my Flickr photo stream.

[Uche Ogbuji]

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Congratulations! He's beautiful.

Now, start a Wiki to gather name suggestions :)
Congratulations, and I hope everyone continues to be healthy.
Congratulations to you all! Hope you're all well.
Wow! congratulations! Given your skill in naming (your blog, packages, and wot not) I won't even try to suggest a name!

Great job man. great great job.

I have always like the name Chinua... since i came across it, that is. things fall apart.

there is no heart of darkness, rather a place of love and light and history.
Congratulations to all the family Uche!
Congratulations to you and your family. I love those pictures of the big brothers with the newborn.

Nice inheritance tree taking shape :-)
Congrats... A bottle of Schnapps and Palm Wine will be disbursed your way. There's a Nigerian restaurant in Boston and they call it Palm Juice to confuse outsider about the potent mixture.

Interestingly enough you are now the 4th of my Nigerian comperes who have deal with home deliveries in the past year. Is this a trend?

Regards to all.

May he always give you joy and pride; and may he grow to be happy and be useful to society.
was gonna leave a comment about Positive K on your soup post. Congratulations is more in order.  take care.
Thanks to all for the kind wishes.  In case anyone missed that we'd settled on a name, see:


'The child has a name now. Udoka Julian Melayo Ogbuji. Udoka means roughly "peace reigns". As with many Igbo names, it has a couple of levels of meaning for us, mostly as a hope for unlikely peace in a household with three boys, and partly as an imprecation for peace in troubled times, globally. It's shortened to "Udo", pronounced "oo-doh" with stress on the second syllable. Julian follows from the month (I suppose Jide could have been "August", but we preferred "Maxwell"). Melayo means roughly "relax", and is my father's contribution. We were all hoping for a girl, and even though it's a boy, we're all easy like Sunday morning.'

Mark, very funny :-)  We settled the name sans Wiki: "Udoka".

James, Chinua is a nice one, generally short for Chinualumogu: "My spirit will fight my wars for me", but it's not really from my part of Igboland, and after the departure I took with Jideobi, I preferred to take a small step back towards tradition.

Udoka is pretty traditional, except that Christian Igbos always want to say "you mean Udochukwuka, right?" asking whether we're saying God's peace is great.  But no, we just mean peace.  Period.


"Palm juice", eh?  That makes my day (let's hope no confused mother tried to feed that to her toddler).  I'm not aware of any special predilection of Nigerians for home deliveries (I was born in a hospital, BTW), but I suppose we tend to be a bit more defiant of fate.  Then again when I told my cousin about the home birth, she was horrified.

Aristotle, that's the perfect benediction: happy yet socially responsible.  Is it traditionally Greek?

Peace, all.
oh, yes another boy, you guys must be thrilled, he's very cute, I guess you're gonna keep him. I love home birth, I'll get and share details with you next time we see you. Much happiness to you five.

Gilles and Karen
ur kids are very cute! good luck in your future and im an igbo too

He is so beautiful. I am in love with a black guy and I want to have babies with him, but im having trouble with my parents. They say they will disown me. Help me!

I sympathize, but I'm not sure how anyone can actually help you.  Some parents are a bit difficult on this issue, but I must say that the idea of a parent's disowning their child in such a situation these days feels unusual.

I think it's safe to say that grandkids are a very effective counter to parent prejudice.  It takes a very hard heart to reject one's grandchild.

Best of luck.
i was looking at me I'm a udoka I'm udoka i use to be a baby in 2005 i was fun weird to I'm 6 now it is so fun to be 6 i use to be 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 now I'm 6 pretty cool huh? I'm happy to say i live in superior colorado do you know who jide ogbuji and osi he's 11 jide is 9 uche is my daddy he is 40 lori is 39 isn't it cool?i love my family nkem is my baby sister who is 1 but tiny but cute infact very cute i love her to she does very good at crawling and walking and even running! she is a baby and a babes friend noseca he is cute and dark nice to i love to play with him a baby thats cute nkem is 12 months old yay if we mixed all of our ages we wold be maybe be 134 or this one wil so not be rghit 356437 is not true I'm done with the comment bye ill see ya later!.