Versa: Pattern Matching (article)

My Versa article (Versa: Path-Based RDF Query Language) is up but I've recently been tinkering with Emeka and haven't been able to post about it. I wanted Emeka functional so people could familiarize themselves with the language by example instead of specification deciphering. Simple saying ".help" in a channel where he is located (#swig,#swhack,#4suite,#foaf) should be sufficient. Please, if his commands interfere with an existing bot's, please let me know.

The article is based (in part) on an earlier paper I wrote on Versa. I reworked it to focus more on the use patterns in common with other existing query languages (SPARQL primarily) to make the point that RDF querying is truely not in it's infancy any more. I also wanted to use it as a spring board to suggest some possible enhancements to an already (IMHO) expressive syntax (mostly burrowed from N3)

My hope is to spark some conversation across the opposing ends as well as get people familiar with the language for the betterment of RDF and RDF querying.

See an exchange between Dave Beckett and myself on the #swig scratchpad.

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